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Driving School Ruud Rutten has been a household name in the Venlo region and surroundings for more than 50 years. Our driving school offers all possible driving courses: varying from the moped driving licence to the truck driving licence. We also offer a wide range of theory and advanced courses. We provide private driving courses for the car, motorcycle and moped driving licences. Vocational training courses will be provided by our colleagues from Vervoerscollege Venlo at the Vasco da Gamaweg location.

Based on an intake interview we will give you all the necessary information. After that, you will know exactly what is expected of you and how the entire process will proceed to obtain the relevant driving licence.
During the course, this quality is checked and evaluated both internally and externally. After obtaining the relevant driving licence, we will evaluate the course together with the student.
As you can see, we like an open way of communicating, which of course helps to prevent problems.

Driving lessons in English
We offer the driving licence course entirely in English. To obtain the driving licence you have the choice between a manual car driving licence or an automatic car driving licence, both options are offered at Driving School Ruud Rutten.

It is important to start with your theory early, for this we offer an English-language E-learning package so you can study the theory independently. The theory exam at the CBR will be reserved in consultation with you.

Before you start your driving course you will do an intake test. That means we will go for a drive with each student to see how many driving lessons they will approximately need to achieve the best possible result. The number of driving lessons depends on a number of factors such as aptitude, motivation, skill, experience, etc.

After the intake test, we will start with the practical lessons, during the course we will reserve the Interim Test and the exam when appropriate.

Interim Test
The interim test at the CBR. This test can be seen as a type of exam for which you cannot fail or pass, with the advantage that, if the special activities (parking assignment, reversal assignment, stop assignment) are performed properly, one can be exempted from those on the official practical exam. After the Interim Test, you will evaluate the route together with your examiner and they will give you points of attention to work on with your instructor.

CBR practical exam
During this exam you will be accompanied by your own instructor, meaning he will ride with you during the exam.

Health certificate and CBR authorization
To reserve your practical exam and Interim Test at the CBR, you must first submit your health certificate via My CBR. With this health certificate, the CBR assesses whether you are healthy enough to obtain the driving licence. After submitting your Health certificate, you must also authorise us directly at the CBR, after this authorisation the driving school and the student will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the authorisation and we can reserve your Interim Test and exam.

You can authorise us via My CBR using driving school number 9990R3

For more information or to make an appointment without any obligations, please contact us via:
The team of Driving School Ruud Rutten is at your service.

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